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At Kurious365, our mission is to bring web based productivity improvement tools to Educational centers, SMB Enterprises and Entrepreneurs.

Software is an art. We are committed to build a powerful, but yet simple to use products for our customers. We architect for scale, making it free for non profits and very small businesses, and offer it at low price for others.


Design and host your website in minutes through a no-code powerful editor. It offers rich web features, including website visitor statistics.


Design your own Quiz Library and assign it to selected people or open it to the public. Get great insights into quiz attempts.


Track staff attendance from Kiosk and Web App through check-in and check-out actions and generate workhour reports for Payroll.

School Management Platform

Manage school operations with the comprehensive SMP features and save time and cost on admin operations. Enable student-centric learning experience and offer gamified learning programs.


Use email and SMS messaging outreach to contact your members easily and efficiently. Track the statistics around views and engagement.


Send invoices, collect online payment and issue receipts at ease and scale with help of automation. Great solution for small and medium businesses at low cost.

Try our product for free!

No hassle trial. No payment info is needed. White glove on-boarding will get you started with little effort from you.